Kansas City
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  • Review your contract for shingle choice, color and price. If you have any questions your salesman’s phone number is listed on the contract.
  • An automated call will notify you the day of delivery & start date. You may receive this in a phone message or e-mail.
  • The roof installation could occur as early as the date of the material, up to several days later, depending on the weather and scheduling.
  • Prior to delivery, the driveway must be completely clear of vehicles, boats, campers to allow for material drop off.
  • It is best to park in the street until the project is complete.
  • Remove fragile items from the walls and shelves as there will be minor vibrations that occur during delivery, removal and installation.
  • If you store items in the attic, you may want to protect those items using plastic sheeting. Same is true for attic fans & skylights.
  • Children and pets should be kept clear of the debris that falls on the ground until all debris is swept up and magnets used to remove nails.
  • Exterior planters, grills and statuaries should be placed in a location where they will be safe from falling debris.
  • Satellite dishes will be reset at your request. We will not be able to align them. You might have to contact your service provider.
  • The warranty and lien waivers will be sent out once final payment has been processed through our accounting department at your request.