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Repair, Patch, or Replace? Which Option is Right for My Roof?

Taking good care of your roof means your roof will take good care of you. It protects you and your home. Weather is its main enemy, causing damage from rain, hail, snow, wind, and the aftereffects of that. But when do you need to replace the roof and when can you get away with just a repair? You should have your roof inspected every year, just to know what shape…

Do I Have Hail Damage on My Roof?

No one likes hail, and for good reason, it’s one of the nastiest things that Old Man Winter can throw at you. A good hailstorm can cause significant damage to all sorts of things from your car, personal property, even your roof! So how do you tell if you have hail damage on your roof, we’re here to help you find out! (more…)

I’m Losing Roof Granules, Now What?

Shingles have come a long way over the years in terms of quality and design. One of the major improvements has been the introduction of granules which help protect shingles from the elements. So what happens when you start losing roof granules? Here’s what you need to know about granule loss and how it can affect your roof. (more…)

What Should You Do While Your Roof is Being Repaired or Replaced?

Regardless of if you need roof repair or roof replacement, this is a rather extensive home improvement. It takes time to schedule the job, good weather, and money. However, after working out all of the logistics of a roof replacement, having a set date for the replacement, and being ready to get started, you may think – what are you actually supposed to do during the repairs or the replacement…

Discontinued Roof Shingles

Your home’s roof is one of the first things anyone sees when they walk or drive by. It makes up a large part of the façade and curb appeal, and it helps to keep your home safe from the elements – rain, wind, hail, snow, and more. If your roof is showing signs of needing repaired, but your home has discontinued roof shingles, you may wonder what you can do.…

Partial Roof Replacement: Is it Possible?

It doesn’t matter if your home encountered a windstorm, a fallen branch or tree, or hail, it’s hard to justify the expense of a full roof replacement if only part of it has been damaged. The question is – can you do just a partial roof replacement? Or, is it an all-or-nothing deal? It all depends on the expanse and level of damage present. (more…)