Roofing Repair and Maintenance Beyond the Shingles

When it comes to a homes roofing system, the majority of homeowners focus on entire roof replacements. This means they may overlook the details that go into the structure. However, there’s much more to a roof than just the shingles – or other roofing material – that make up the surface. These roof components need to be inspected, maintained, and repaired, too. (more…)

Helpful Tips for Comparing Your Roofing Estimates

Installing a new roof is an expensive home improvement project. Because of this, it’s crucial to ensure the job is done by experienced roofer using the highest quality materials. If you don’t do this, then small flaws can result in costly headaches down the road. (more…)

Why Quality Chimney Flashing is So Important

A fireplace or stove is a great feature for any home. They can provide heat on the cold days of winter and give you and your family that cozy and welcoming feeling. If your home has a fireplace or stove, it likely has a chimney, as well, to exhaust the fumes and smoke. Around the exterior of that chimney should be quality flashing.  (more…)

Helpful Roof Repair Tips: How to Find and Fix a Leak

If you have noticed water stains that extend across your home’s ceiling, or that run down the walls, the cause of this is probably a leak in your roof. Finding the leak is the hard part, and repairing the problem is usually a breeze (especially with the help of the professionals). Follow the tips here to help find the source of your leak, but if you need help contact us…

The Issues Related to Roof Condensation

Have you ever seen condensation trapped between the panes of glass in your windows? For many people this is a pretty common occurrence, and it doesn’t always signify any type of serious problem. (more…)