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What Should I Do if My Commercial Roof is Leaking?

Owning a commercial building is something to be proud of no matter what business you’re in. What happens when the roof on that commercial building is leaking? Good question. Commercial roof repair requires the expertise of an experienced contractor, here’s what you should know. (more…)

Roofing Contractor Proposals: Everything You Need to Know

Finding the right contractor for your home’s roofing project isn’t always an easy task. Because roofing is usually a big expense, you need to ensure you find and choose the best roofing contractor for the job. The problem is, you may not know what you need to look for or consider when you are hiring a roofing contractor. (more…)

Understanding Your Kansas City Roofing Contract

Is it time for a new roof for your Kansas City home? Have you been searching for a local roofer for a while now? Do you have your estimates and made a decision? All that’s great. However, before you sign on the dotted line to have your roof replaced or repaired, you need to ensure you look at and read your roofing contract very carefully. If you need some help,…

The Best Time to Schedule Your Roof Replacement

When is the best time to replace your roof? Eventually every roof reaches the end of its lifespan. When you choose to replace it can impact a variety of factors. If your roof replacement is necessitated by damage, you may have little control over the timing of the replacement. But, if your roof replacement is due wear and tear, you have more flexibility with the scheduling of the work. The…

When Storms Hit, Beware of Stormers and Scammers

When storms hit and cause damage to homes, getting repairs made quickly becomes a priority for homeowners. In many cases, local contractors may be overwhelmed by calls and requests therefore may have trouble keeping up. Insurance companies often have time limits for filing storm damage claims and for getting work completed, leaving homeowners panicked and anxious to get their homes inspected and repaired. Knowing this, contractors from outside of the…