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Problems Caused by Commercial Roof Leaks

Having roof leaks at your business is a serious matter, and can take a lot of time to fix and clean up. Getting your roof assessed by the right company, in the beginning, will make the biggest difference in the end. What Causes Commercial Roofs to Leak? Having no or poor drainage from your roof can cause it to leak. If gutters, drains, downspouts or scuppers aren't installed from the…

5 Reasons to have a Commercial Roof Inspection

Your business is your livelihood. Working hard inside is fine but you need to give the building some attention, too. Problems with your roof will mean problems inside where you work, as well. Getting an inspection for your commercial roof is very important. Weather is only one reason that your roof can become damaged, but it’s enough. Here are five. (more…)

5 Commercial Roofing Maintenance Tips

Taking good care of your roof at home or work is vital to the overall health of the building. Commercial buildings and their roofs are larger and often, more exposed. One of the best ways to keep your commercial roofing in good repair is regular maintenance. The more you can to prevent damage, the longer life your roof will enjoy. (more…)

7 Essential Questions to Ask a Commercial Roofing Contractor

Having work done on your commercial roof or a new roof put on is a big project. It can be expensive and disrupt your business quite a bit. Hiring a contractor is also a big step for many people who have never been through it before. There are bound to be many questions you have about the job, about the company and about what you can expect. Here are a…

What Should I Do if My Commercial Roof is Leaking?

Owning a commercial building is something to be proud of no matter what business you’re in. What happens when the roof on that commercial building is leaking? Good question. Commercial roof repair requires the expertise of an experienced contractor, here’s what you should know. (more…)