Having roof leaks at your business is a serious matter, and can take a lot of time to fix and clean up. Getting your roof assessed by the right company, in the beginning, will make the biggest difference in the end.

What Causes Commercial Roofs to Leak?

Having no or poor drainage from your roof can cause it to leak. If gutters, drains, downspouts or scuppers aren’t installed from the beginning, you’ll have a lot of leakage problems. Standing water is not a good sign, it not only can end in a leak, but it could cause your entire roof to come crashing down on the building.

HVAC unit drains, pipes, gas lines, and other vents can be hazardous areas for leaks to begin. Sealing them properly when they are installed can prevent leaks, and yearly maintenance checks to make sure they are still sealed is important, not only for the vented areas to work properly, but to ensure leaks don’t happen later on.

Damaged roofs will cause leaks too, having an open or exposed area under the final roofing material can make it easier for precipitation to get in, and penetrate those areas. Fixing the area or sealing it off until it can be fixed will create a barrier of protection.

If the roof on your commercial building is showing signs of aging, you’ll want to replace it before a leak does happen. Aged roofs tend to not stand up against the elements as well as a brand new one or even one that is only a few years old.

What Happens When a Commercial Roof Leaks?

When a commercial roof leaks, it can wreak all sorts of havoc on your business. The leak can cause interior damage resulting in work being delayed for days, weeks, and even months. Equipment can become severely damaged along with files and other paperwork being completely destroyed.

Parts of the building will have to be segmented off for contractors to come in and fix the problem, and one little leak can cause a lot more money than you’d be willing to spend in one timeframe.

What to Do When You’ve Discovered a Leak from the Roof?

Contact a trusted roofer immediately, to get them to come take a look at what needs to be done to the roof to stop it from leaking. Get a bucket to catch any water dripping from the ceiling, or get a mop to clean up any water that is already on the floor.

If you’ve discovered a larger problem than a little water, you may have to get in touch with a restoration cleanup company to come in with industrial equipment to clean up the rest of the mess, especially if the area is carpeted.

The walls and/or ceiling may have to be replaced, depending on where the initial leak is coming from.

The leak may also have covered multiple floors, so an electrical contractor will have to inspect the other floors of the building, and look through the ceiling panels for any electrical damage too.

Keep Your Commercial Roof Dry and Leak-Free with Pyramid Roofing

Here at Pyramid Roofing, we know the value of a commercial building and we know how that value can plummet when the roof has a leak that goes left unchecked. If your commercial roof is leaking, call us up right away for a consult. The people of Kansas City trust us for a reason, we have a wealth of experience fixing leaks on commercial roofing.

Is your commercial roof leaking? Don’t hesitate, call Pyramid Roofing before it’s too late!