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Roofing Repair and Maintenance Beyond the Shingles

When it comes to a homes roofing system, the majority of homeowners focus on entire roof replacements. This means they may overlook the details that go into the structure. However, there’s much more to a roof than just the shingles – or other roofing material – that make up the surface. These roof components need to be inspected, maintained, and repaired, too. (more…)

Helpful Tips for Comparing Your Roofing Estimates

Installing a new roof is an expensive home improvement project. Because of this, it’s crucial to ensure the job is done by experienced roofer using the highest quality materials. If you don’t do this, then small flaws can result in costly headaches down the road. (more…)

Does Flat Commercial Roofing in Kansas City Require Maintenance?

Large flat roofs are very commonly seen on businesses around Kansas City, and they can bring many benefits to the business owner. But while flat roofs can be easier to maintain, it doesn’t mean that they are completely maintenance free. And in fact, getting your commercial roofing in Kansas City checked regularly can greatly extend its life. So what kind of maintenance should you be doing?A company specializing in roof…

How to Know When Your Shingles Need Residential Roof Repair in KC

If you’ve never replaced a roof before, or needed residential roof repair in KC, you may be wondering how you know when the shingles need to be replaced. They may look a bit damaged, but how do you know what normal wear and tear is, and when it’s time for a roof replacement in Kansas City? By looking for these tell-tale signs that are always indicative of a roof in need…