When it comes to a homes roofing system, the majority of homeowners focus on entire roof replacements. This means they may overlook the details that go into the structure. However, there’s much more to a roof than just the shingles – or other roofing material – that make up the surface. These roof components need to be inspected, maintained, and repaired, too.

Keep reading to learn about some of the most important roofing components – beyond the shingles – here.

Chimney Caps

When you add a cap to your chimney, it can help to increase its lifespan and work to keep the elements, such as snow and rain from causing damage to the interior of the chimney. It can also provide help with downdrafts, while keeping rodents, birds, and other pests out.

From time to time, the mortar crown of this cap may become damaged or cracked. If this happens, it’s going to let water seep into the chimney and as time passes, it can cause water damage. If there is a crack in the crown that needs to be repaired, you should not hesitate to call the professionals for repairs.

The Flashing

The flashing on your roof is usually installed at the intersections where a part of your roof connects with another one to add a layer of protection against the infiltration of water. If there is no flashing, the water may collect in a single location and begin to penetrate the seams. If the flashing is damaged or completely missing, it may cause issues. This is another situation that requires the help of the professionals.


If there is a leak in your roof, you should never ignore it. If the leak has the opportunity to get worse, it may mean serious damage occurs to the structure of your roof, the interior, and the exterior of your home. If you are aware of a leak in your home’s roof, then you should not wait to fix it.

Problems with the Shingles

There are several natural elements that may affect the shingles on your roof, including moisture, airborne debris, hail, and wind. All of these things can result in your shingles losing granules, molding, curling, warping, cracking, or even going missing altogether. If the shingles are compromised, your roof is unable to offer the complete protection that your home needs. Make sure to contact the professionals if you notice this problem.


Just like other parts of your home, a clean roof results in a longer lifespan. When you clean your roof – the right way – on a regular basis, you can easily get rid of the fungus, moss, and algae that often forms over shingles and that causes them to break down as time passes. Also, when your roof is clean, it improves the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Make sure to call the professionals if you have any roof-related issues. They can inspect and make the necessary repairs to ensure the integrity of your roof is maintained.