What To Expect

Step 1:

Delivery of materials and trailer/dumpster

Step 2:

Tear-off your
old roof

Step 3:

Check decking and begin installation

Step 4:

Inspect, clean up and haul away

Step 5:

Follow-up call and invoice

How to Prepare

Preparing for the Work on Your Roof

Pyramid is very excited to be working with you, and we want you to be completely prepared for when we begin your project. Our goal is to make this experience as smooth as possible for you. However, construction projects can cause stress for some household members, like children and pets. This should be considered before the project begins and appropriate provisions should be made. Please read through the following information to learn what to do ahead of our arrival to ensure the safety of your home and your belongings, along with what else you can expect during this process.

Inside of Your Home

  • The roofing process can cause vibration down to the foundation of your home. Because of this, we recommend that you take precautions to protect any fragile items (i.e. collectibles, mirrors or pictures) by removing them from the walls and/or shelves and placing them in a safe area. The owner is notified that any damage to contents will be the responsibility of the owner and/or his insurance company.

  • Debris or dust will fall into the attic and sometimes the interior of the home. It is recommended that you remove or cover all items that you do not want to get dirty and/or possibly damaged.

  • All ceilings can experience “nail pops” and/or “tape cracks” from the tear-off and re-roofing process. This is unavoidable. These repairs are the responsibility of the homeowner. Other unforeseen damage to the building and/or contents which occurred while roofing was in progress will be covered by the contractor, provided the homeowner abided by the advised preparations and precautions above prior to the start of the work. All other interior damage to buildings is covered for the first 45-days after the completion date.

Outside of Your Home

  • We will need access to your entire driveway, so please have the space clear and any needed vehicles out of the garage. Materials will typically be stored on the roof, driveway or around the perimeter of your home throughout the project. Any specific instructions regarding the placement of materials or equipment need to be conveyed to your Pyramid Representative before delivery.

  • Due to the vibration and risk of items falling, to avoid anything being damaged or broken, all of the following items must be taken down or moved away from the perimeter of the home: Potted and hanging plants, BBQ grills, patio furniture, exterior lights and other outside decorations.

  • For larger or heavier items, the crew may be able to help you relocate them.

  • If there is a satellite dish on the roof, we will need to remove it. If you do use it, we will reinstall it but you may need to call your cable provider to realign it. If not, we can dispose of it for you.

  • The crews may need access to power outlets. If you are not planning to be at home, please verify that your outside outlets work or make arrangements for an extension cord to be made accessible.

  • New roofing will form on the surface to which it is installed. If the roof structure is uneven or has sags or rises, the shingles will not hide these areas. If these areas pose a structural problem, your Pyramid Representative can address this and present repair solutions. After the initial install, some shingles will appear raised, not sitting as flat, etc., due to the storage and shipping of the product. They will flatten out as the sun warms the roof and the product has time to lie down.

  • During the roofing process, there are occasions that require the removal of certain material (trim boards, siding, fascia, etc.) in order to properly install other roofing materials that will help protect your home from future leaks. Your Pyramid Representative or Inspector will advise you of any areas around the house that may require the paint to be touched-up, along with any bad or rotted material that is discovered. If you would be interested in Pyramid Roofing repairing and/or replacing those specific items for an additional cost, please inform your Pyramid Representative or Inspector.

  • Upon completion of your project, the crew should do a thorough cleanup along the perimeter of your home, walkways and driveway. A large magnet will be used to collect nails and metal debris. It is virtually impossible to guarantee the collection of every nail and you may come across a handful or two. Because of this, it is important to continue to be cautious as days go on.