That’s a good question to ask before a roof replacement. It’s important to choose the best type of roof for your home and budget, as your investment will last a long time. Think about three questions while selecting the best type of roof for your home:

  • What do I want my roof to look like? 
  • What is the best roofing material I can afford?  
  • How long do I want the roof to last?   

The following are the top 5 types of roofing materials to choose from. 

Asphalt roof 

The most common type of roofing material is an asphalt shingle roof. Asphalt shingles are effective, affordable, and come with many options.  

Standing seam metal roof  

A standing seam metal roof is now a popular choice for many homeowners because it is very durable and attractive. Metal panels with locked seams allow the panels to expand and contract according to temperature changes. If you can afford the extra cost (more than twice the price of asphalt shingles), you should consider metal roofing. You will save on maintenance costs and energy bills with a metal roof.

Cedar shake roof

Many people choose cedar shake roofs because they are beautiful. Cedar shakes will be either hand-cut for a rustic look or taper-sawn for a smooth look. While cedar is attractive, it can discolor, rot, crack, and curl with age. Be sure to ask a roofing contractor about how your local climate will affect cedar shakes. 

Synthetic roof 

Composite or synthetic shingles are now popular. They are made from recycled materials like rubber and plastic and can be made to look like a cedar or slate roof. A synthetic roof is a budget-friendly option with an expensive appearance that is durable. 

Slate roof 

Made from natural slate tiles mined mostly in Italy, a slate roof is a top-of-the-line roof.  They are highly prized for their beauty and strength. Your home will have to be designed or modified to carry the heavy weight of a slate roof. Those who can afford a slate roof will not have to replace it.