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Is it Time for Concrete Tile Roof Repair?

Tile roofing is one of the most used and oldest types of roofing in the world. In fact, there is evidence of this material being used in 10,000 BC. Many people choose tile for their roof due to its superior durability. After all, a roof that lasts 100 years is well worth the investment. Also, it is offered in several different colors, sizes, and shapes and unlike traditional shingles, it helps to add interest and character to your home. To top it off, tile roofing is not susceptible to rot, or mold can withstand hurricane-force winds and won’t expand and shrink with fluctuating temperatures like wood does.

However, even though this roof material is extremely durable, repairs are going to be necessary from time to time. Knowing the signs of repairs is the best way to keep a tile roof in good, protective order.

Cracked Tile

If you can see the tile on your roof is cracked from your driveway, then you have a problem. Even an extremely small crack on a tile roof is an indication that the entire structure has been compromised. Unfortunately, it is often difficult to locate the start of a crack unless you are searching for it. The best way to ensure cracks are found before it causes a larger, and more expensive issue, is to call a professional for yearly inspections. Roofers can identify any possible areas of vulnerability and make the necessary repairs before additional damage appears.

Increased Energy Costs

Have you noticed your monthly utility costs are going up steadily? If so, and you haven’t changed the amount of power you are consuming, then the roof may be to blame. In most cases, the tiles and roof itself help to prevent outside cold or hot air from seeping into your home. If the roof is compromised, then outside air is going to seep into the home, which forces the air conditioner and heater to work harder to try and maintain a comfortable temperature.

Chalky Appearance

Have you noticed your roof looks like it is coated in a light dusting of chalk? If so, you need to call the professionals right away. As time passes, the glaze present on the tile roofing will start to deteriorate, which can result in the chalky look. When the glaze is complete eliminated, the tile has no protection. As a result, any wear that occurs at this point is going to impact the actual tile. Re-glazing the tile before it is destroyed can help save you from having to replace all of the damaged tiles.

Age of the Roof

While some tile roofs can last for decade after decade, this is all dependent on the care and maintenance it receives. If repairs are never made, the roof is going to deteriorate and need replacing in just 20 to 25 years.

Contacting a professional roofer for annual inspections and any time damage is seen is the best way to keep a tile roof in good condition. In most cases, tile roof repairs are simple and affordable, but a problem should not be ignored. It is only going to get worse as time passes.