The roof is your first line of defense against elements that can damage your property, like too much heat, torrential rain, and freak hailstorms. Since it’s the most exposed part of your house, it’s also prone to wear and tear. You, therefore, need to ensure it is installed right, the first time, in order to avoid multiple replacements and damage to the interior of your home. With so many options available, one main challenge for many homeowners is finding the best roofing company.

If you plan to install or repair your roof, it’s a good idea that you do your research. Gather as much information as possible about different companies and compare them to avoid making costly mistakes. Here is an informative guide aimed at helping you narrow down your choices and pick the best Missouri roofing company to serve your needs.

Check the Company’s Insurance

One of the most important features of a good company is that they are fully insured. Failure to do this first crucial step may result in you being held personally liable in case of property damage or injuries during the project. According to research, roofing fatalities accounted for96% of all work-related deaths in 2018. When a worker gets injured on-site, workers’ compensation insurance protects you from expenses related to the injury.

On the other hand, liability insurance protects you from claims resulting from damages and injuries to third parties as the company works on your roof. Request a copy of the insurance before the chosen company begins any work on your property. Double-check the insurance policy and references. You can even call the insurance company to confirm whether or not the policies are valid and active.

Confirm if They Offer Warranty

The best roofing company should give you a comprehensive warranty. You will want to ensure that you hire a company that stands by their products and work, so you won’t have to look for another company sooner than expected to repair your inadequately installed roof.

Sometimes, the roofing contractor may make mistakes that you notice after some time. If you work with a company that offers a warranty, they will pay to fix those errors up to a certain time frame. Hence, you won’t incur double expenses. If a contractor tries to avoid questions on an offered warranty, this is a red flag. They are more likely to use substandard materials and deliver poor services.

Double Check the Licensing

Roofing is a dangerous job, and not everybody can safely handle the task. Hence, most states require that roofing companies have proper licensing. A roofing company with a valid license proves its legitimacy and ability to complete the job according to the state’s standard safety codes.

There are still other companies that try to operate without a permit. Be careful with such companies as they often cut corners with their employees as well; hiring inexperienced and sloppy employees. Also, they are less likely to be insured, which creates more liability to a homeowner should anyone get hurt on the job. Ask the contractors for a license and check online to confirm if it’s up to date. Then, make sure they file for any necessary permits before work begins.

Inquire About the Products Used

You shouldn’t expect a contractor to provide quality services if they use low-quality materials. It’s, therefore, a good idea that you ask them what type of materials they use and whether they can guarantee durability. Do thorough research on your own to know the correct type of materials needed for your particular house.

A contractor who won’t give you different shingles options to choose from isn’t looking out for your best interest. Also, note that the color and type of shingles used on your roof can affect your house’s resale value.

Consider the Pricing

Before you begin a roofing installation or repair project, set a budget and stick to it. Contact various roofing companies, ask for quotes and compare them. You will have an idea of the service’s average cost in order to select the best roofing company in Kansas City. Shop around to ensure that you get the best possible deals. Remember to verify that the quoted price matches the final results or extent of service.

While you might feel tempted to pick the lowest bid, inexpensive bids drive down the market. Unreasonably cheap services attract expensive repairs or roof replacements soon. Experienced contractors, high-quality materials, and insurance prices can (and do) make the overall roofing cost a little bit higher. Any company offering a lower deal may be cutting costs somewhere, which is often a negative thing.

Watch out for those companies that ask you to pay all the costs upfront to avoid getting scammed. Legit contractors will require that you pay a deposit before the work begins as a sign of commitment. You can later pay the remainder in installments or in full after they complete the project. Choose a roofing contractor who provides flexible financing options too.

Choose a Local Roofer

Research well and choose a roofing company within your area. Hiring a local roofer will benefit you in several ways. First, if your roof develops a problem in the future, you can quickly contact them to make the necessary fixes. Some companies will set up offices for a certain period and then shift to the next city. Ensure that you choose a company that has been in the area for at least three years. There is no point in hiring a well-insured company with an extensive warranty if you can’t track them down five years later.

When you choose a local company, you can schedule annual maintenance services to keep your roof in the best condition. Also, there are fewer chances of scams if you choose a well-known company within your community. Local companies are also well familiar with your state’s building rules. guaranteeing compliance. They will also respond to you quickly in case of roofing emergencies. A local roofing company is also familiar with the weather conditions in your area, and they are more likely to advise on the best roofing solutions that will serve you longer.

Get Everything in Writing

Ensure that both you and the roofing company understand all the terms of the job well. In most cases, verbal agreements can’t prove anything. When dealing with an expensive service like roofing installation or repair, it’s imperative that you get everything in writing to protect both parties; the contractor and the homeowner. Write down your expectations to avoid frustrations at the end of the project.

Also, ask the contractor to write down the completion dates, the work scope and counter check them at the end of the project. If the contractors try to withdraw a commitment, you can always use the written agreement as proof. Also, ensure that you understand all the financial terms and get every agreement in writing. You wouldn’t want to agree to pay off the services within some months, only for the roofing company to demand full payment after the end of the project.

Assess the Company’s Experience Level

Do your research and assess the roofing company’s background and history. Ask how long they have been in business and whether they have the proper insurance and licenses. Only work with experienced companies that can deal with any roofing issue. Ask the company if they have a list of clients you can call to inquire about their previous projects. You can even check their past work online and, of course, on social media.

Before hiring, ensure that you have conversations with the contractors. Ask them some basic questions about your roofing problem to see if they have an immediate solution. Let the contractors explain how they plan to fix your roofing issue. If they can answer all questions concisely, intelligently, and confidently, chances are, they have previously dealt with such a problem.

Inquire About the Contractor Performing the Installation

Establish whether the roofing company hires an experienced team. Besides verifying the company’s credentials, check the experience level of the contracted person who will handle your job. Try speaking with the contractor to avoid seeing an unfamiliar work crew on your property on D-day.

Be wary of companies that outsource third-party contractors. You won’t be sure of the qualification levels of an independent contractor. The manufacturer’s warranty may also become void, and you might end up with unlicensed contractors. A contractor who has undergone safety training is an added advantage.

Have Them Clarify What Happens if You Feel Dissatisfied With the Work

No matter how experienced the roofing company is, there is always a probability that things won’t work out as planned. You need assurance that the company can resolve an error once it occurs. Ask the company how they handle dissatisfied customers. The best roofing company will squeeze you into their schedule to make quick, unscheduled repairs.

Get Referrals From Your Friends and Family

The easiest way to find the best roofing company is by getting recommendations from your friends and family. People you know well are more likely to give you an honest review of a company. If they had a great experience with a particular contractor, they would recommend them. Note that72% of customers will most likely share with others if they have had a positive experience with a company.

Even if your loved ones haven’t had their roofs repaired recently, it’s still a good idea that you ask. They may have neighbors or friends who have installed new roofing and can refer you to the best Missouri roofing company.

Check the Company’s Online Reviews

You should also read through the company’s online reviews. They will provide you with helpful information like what to expect from the company. Visit also the company’s social media accounts and read through comments and customer feedback. While your friends or family members may have a good experience with the company, you will want to ensure that they provide exceptional services to all, not just a few customers. Choose a company with at least a four-star rating.

34% of customers leave a negative comment when displeased with a company. So, be sure to check this too. A few negative reviews shouldn’t raise concerns, but if several people complain about a similar situation or service, it may show the company’s inadequacy. Also, be skeptical about companies that have a five-star rating. Any company that performs numerous jobs in a year is more likely to get a few negative reviews.

If you have a few contractors in mind and can’t choose one over the others, compare their Better Business Bureau rating. Any company accredited with the BBB resolves customers’ complaints promptly, and those with an A rating have few complaints.

Choose a Good Communicator

Communication is of paramount importance in any project. You, therefore, need to choose a roofing company that responds to your texts, emails, and calls in a timely and friendly manner. They should also give you the necessary documentation upon request. When you experience difficulties reaching out to a company, or they fail to follow up, such contractors aren’t worth hiring.

Unresponsive companies are less likely to keep up the agreed-upon scope of work. Other signs to watch out for are long hold times, disinterested customer service representatives, and hard-to-navigate voice prompts. The last thing you would want to deal with is an unreachable roofing company, especially when you have an emergency.

Inquire About How the Company Performs the Repairs

Try to gather as much information as possible from the roofing company about what the project entails. Most contractors install new shingles over the old ones. This isn’t a good idea since they fail to address any underlying conditions in your roofing. A concealed problem will result in expensive repairs sooner than expected.

Also, the new decking may add more weight to an already aging roof which can cause more damages. The best roofing company in Kansas City will tear off your old roof to find any additional problems that need repair and fix them. This way, your new roof will serve you long into the future. Remember to ask the contractor about any other costs associated with any additional repairs to avoid surprises.


Your home is a sign of the dedication you’ve made to your family, and you wouldn’t want to trust roofing installations or repairs to anyone less than the best. By following the above tips, you should sift through various companies and choose the best to work on your roof. Don’t hand over the payment until you have inspected everything and ensure that it’s what you expected. If you need a pro to take care of your roof, reach out toPyramid Roofing Company, Inc.