If you have experienced harsh weather and suspect there may be damage to your home’s roofing system, then a professional evaluation is needed. If you don’t have the professionals inspect the roof, then the minor damage caused by the storm, may turn into serious damage down the road.

If you still aren’t convinced that you need to invest in a professional inspection after a storm, consider the information here.

To Identify any Areas of Damage

When a roof is damaged, it is vulnerable to leaks and its structural integrity may be compromised. At this point, it is essential to invest in an inspection after severe weather to find any failures before they become worse. The physical damage that can occur from water infiltration resulting from a leak is typically more time-consuming and expensive to repair than fixing the damages before the leak progresses.

Provide Evidence of a Problem

The majority of insurance policies are going to limit the amount of time you have to initiate a claim. A contractor that specializes in residential roof repairs can evaluate your roof if you believe any damage occurred. The sooner that you have your roof checked out, the easier it will be for you to get the proof necessary to submit a claim to your insurance company.

Call for Free Estimates

The majority of roofing contractors provide customers free inspections, as well as free repair estimates. In many cases, the point for moisture to entre a roof may not be near where the visible damage is. If you don’t have experience with these types of repairs or issues, then you may miss signs of damage. However, the professionals are trained to find and repair problems that may be invisible to others. They have the tools, expertise and knowledge to provide a full inspection and find damage after a storm regardless of how subtle it may be.

A roof that leaks is not only frustrating, it can also create a safety hazard. If the leak is not repaired, it can lead to the development of mold and mildew, which can cause respiratory issues for you or people in your family. Professional roofers can easily find signs of damage and repair them for a relatively low cost. However, if you allow the damage to progress and become worse, repairs are going to cost more. At some point, you may even have to replace the entire roofing system.

The fact is, Kansas City is no stranger to storms. As a result, you need to be prepared and call for a professional inspection if storm damage occurs.