Significant roof damage usually occurs due to ongoing neglect from homeowners, or cases of extreme weather or another natural phenomenon. While it usually takes some time for serious damage to occur due to weather events, there are other reasons that a roof may suffer damage. One of the most common is homeowners who engage in projects that damage the roof or that cause the buildup of debris. Here, you can learn about four things you should avoid doing at all costs to maintain a functional, strong and reliable roofing structure.

Don’t Allow Mildew or Mold to Grow on the Surface

When it is wet outside, mold and mildew may develop and spread quickly. In some cases, homeowners underestimate the dangers that these microorganisms pose. In addition to being unsightly, algae and mold may compromise the integrity of the home’s roof and cause quite a bit of damage. To prevent damage and discoloration, you should hire the professionals to clean and remove all signs of fungi or other microbes. They can also provide you with tips on how to properly maintain the surface.

Never Pressure Wash the Roof

Even though it is smart to remove debris and dirt from your roof, the issue with this method of cleaning is that most homeowners overuse chemicals that result in premature aging. Water that is highly pressurized can do much more harm than good, especially if the person using the pressure washer doesn’t have any prior experience with it.

Don’t Patch Leaks

A roofing expert will be properly equipped to handle any issues with leaks because they will thoroughly inspect your roof to determine what has caused them, before making any patches or repairs. Remember, if there is one leak present, it is extremely likely that other parts of the roof are susceptible to leaks and damage, as well. If you attempt to climb onto your roof, it could cause severe damage to a structure that is already compromised and weak. In fact, doing this may result in an injury or other accident. A better course of action is to contact the professionals to have the roof evaluated.

Avoid Walking on the Roof – for Any Reason

In addition to being at-risk for falling, there are several things that may go wrong if you try to walk on your roof. Every time you step on your roof’s asphalt shingles, you may dislodge them, resulting in a leak. If circumstances occur that require you to walk on the surface of your roof, it is best to call the professionals. They know how to do this safely to prevent accidents and avoid more damage to the roof.

When you avoid the four things here, you will be on your way to keeping your roof in good, protective condition. Make sure to keep this in mind and call a professional roofer for any assistance you may need.