A home is one of the best investments you can make. If you take care of a home, then it will garner you a profit when it comes time to sell it. The roof is one of the most important parts of any home, which is why keeping it functional is vital. If you neglect to provide your roof with the care that it deserves, you will regret it when it begins to leak. The following are the five areas you will need to keep a check on in order to ensure your roof stays functional.

The Shingles

Over the years, the shingles on your home will take a lot of abuse from the sun. The constant exposure your shingles have to the sun will eventually make them very brittle. If a strong line of winds moves through your area, you may find your dry and brittle shingles on the ground instead of on the roof where they belong. Inspecting your shingles is the best way to get a feel for whether or not repairs are needed. If there are a lot of bare spots where shingles used to be, then you will need to call in professionals to replace them quickly.

Get Your Mind in The Gutter

If you are like most homeowners, then you take the functionality of your gutter system for granted. Anytime powerful thunderstorms move through your area, the gutter system on your home is there to keep water off of the roof and away from your foundation. Without a bit of maintenance and a good cleaning, this part of your residence will cease to work properly.

Venture Into Your Attic

The attic of your home is probably used very little. All of the vents for your HVAC unit are usually routed into this part of the home. If the vents are obstructed or not installed properly, you will start to have a variety of moisture issues. By venturing into the attic once a month and checking these vents, you will have no problem preventing moisture accumulation issues.

Inspecting for Sags

Are you starting to notice a few sagging spots on your roof? If you answered yes, then you probably are experiencing issues with either your shingles or the sheathing beneath them. Letting issues like this remain unfixed can lead to partial roof collapse. As soon as you start to notice sagging, your first call will need to be to a certified roofing professional.

Check Your Roof Boots

If your roof has vent pipes or even skylights, you will have to check the flashing and boots that go around them. When roof boots begin to crack and wear, they will allow water to get on the inside of your home. Having these boots or flashing replaced is a job best left to a professional due to the complexity involved.

While checking and maintaining these parts of your home will be time-consuming, the energy you invest will more than pay off in the long run.