Do you know why roof ventilation is so important? If you answered “no,” you aren’t alone. This is something most people know they need to have, but not many can answer the question “why.”

The simple answer to why roof ventilation is so important is because it allows heat to escape from the attic; however, that isn’t the entire story. Quality and effective ventilation systems will reduce the total amount of heat during the summer months and moisture in the winter months in your attic. It can also help to make your heating and cooling system work more efficiently. This will also help to increase the overall lifespan of your roof.

What is a “Roof System?”

The roof “system” is made up of the roof vents and exhaust that let the air escape from your attic. However, that air has to be replaced by something. The goal is to have it replaced by cooler air, but the question is, where does this come from? In addition to the exhaust vents, you have to have intake vents.

The air that is the coolest near your house is typically under the overhangs, because this area is always shaded. This is why the ideal place for intake ventilation is in the soffit. Installing a vented aluminum or vinyl soffit is a simple way to let cool air into the attic and replace the hot air that is leaving by way of the roof vents.

How to Make the Intake and Exhaust Work Together

A general rule of thumb is that you need about the same amount of intake as you do exhaust. To make it simple, you should have one square foot of ventilation for every 150 square feet of space in your attic – half of it needs to be intake and half of it exhaust.

How Do You Know if You Have an Issue with Inadequate Ventilation?

The fact is, when you follow these guidelines, you will be able to protect the life of your roof, and your wallet. Some indications that adequate ventilation is not present include the following:

  • Too much heat present in the attic during the summer months
  • The growth of mold
  • Frost present on the rafters, sheathing or other things in the attic
  • Water that is dripping from the tips of nails

If you have noticed any of the issues listed above, then it is a good idea to get in touch with a professional roofing company. They will be able to evaluate the problem and recommend the best repairs.