Have you been procrastinating when it comes to roof repairs? If so, you may wonder if you can have your roof inspected during the colder months. If the summer just seemed to slip away, and you forgot to call a roofer to come out for an inspection before the first snow, you may find yourself in the throws of winter and unsure if now is a good time to call for roofing help.

Even though most people choose to have roof repairs handled in the summer, it is possible to have this work done when it is cold out. Just like any other repair, there are advantages and disadvantages to scheduling repairs or replacement during the winter months.

Pro: It’s More Affordable

Usually, a roofer is going to do most of their work during the warmer months of the year. The summertime is the busiest time of the year for a roofer because the weather is predictable. Also, many homeowners schedule repairs during the summer because that is when they have extra time. By the time winter falls, roofers have much less to do. Sometimes, they even offer off-season, discounted prices for those who get repairs in the winter. If you need repairs or roof replacement, scheduling it in the winter may be best, as you can save money.

Con: The Shingles will Take Much Longer to Seal

While it is typically more affordable to have roof repairs done in the winter, it may also take a bit longer. When shingles are installed, they need to be at a specific temperature to seal properly and make sure that the roof is fully intact. Since the winter months are so cold in Kansas, it usually takes a lot longer for the asphalt shingles to properly seal. This makes the construction of the roof more challenging and it is going to be more time-consuming.

Your roofer is going to give you an estimated time period for the repairs and for the shingles to seal. However, remember, any roofing job that’s done in the winter is going to take much longer than one that is done during the summer.

Pro: Fix Issues as They Occur

Winter weather is rough on your roof. Ice dams, freezing rain, snowfall, and similar conditions can result in serious damage, and it is best to ensure those issues are handled now, rather than waiting for them to get worse. If you schedule a roof repair when it is cold out, you can feel confident that your home is fully prepared for the upcoming winter weather. You’ll also have a professional on the roof to let you know about any serious issues you may not have known about.

Just because it is cold outside, it doesn’t mean that you can’t schedule roof repairs or roof replacement services. Make sure to keep this in mind to ensure your home’s roof doesn’t experience serious issues that result in the need for expensive repairs.

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