Your roof is the most protective element of your entire home. However, it is often overlooked when it comes to repairs and maintenance. After all, it is not directly in the line of sight for homeowners, so it is easy to forget about it when handling day to day tasks.

Unfortunately, several factors may contribute to a roof’s shortened lifespan. The good news is, there are some measures that you can take to help ensure your roof has a long and healthy life.

The good news is, it is possible to prevent roof failure. The key is to know the signs of a problem.

Poor Workmanship

One of the main issues with modern roofs is that they are not installed correctly originally. While it may be difficult to know this without having a thorough inspection, you may want to consider investing in this. Improper roof installation can lead to leaks, the development of mold and mildew, a sagging roof and more.

Poor Design

Not all roof designs are considered equal. Some designs require special attention. For example, steep-slope roofing systems have to be constructed differently than low-slope roofs. Unfortunately, not all contractors follow the proper steps. This can lead to serious issues down the road.

Faulty Weathering and Materials

From time to time the materials that are originally used on your roof can suffer from a manufacturing defect, or they react in a negative way to the elements. If this is the situation, then severe winds and hail storms can destroy a roof that is otherwise healthy.

Mechanical Damage or Trapped Moisture

In most cases, this results from rodent invasion, damaged shingles, improper attic ventilation, and other factors. Regardless of what caused the situation, it is best to have it repaired as quickly as possible. It is only going to get worse as time passes.

Roof Traffic

When a roof is walked on, it puts the surface at risk of damage because. Work boots and even regular shoes can compromise the materials that have been used on the roof.

The Importance of a Roof Inspection

One of the best ways to catch the first signs of a failing roof is to schedule a roof inspection with professional roofers. They will check the roofing system for any signs of poor construction, old age or damage and provide you with a report, so you know what needs to be done.

It is a good idea to invest in annual roof inspection and to implement any recommendations that are made to help and extend the roof’s life. Documenting the maintenance that is done on the roof will also provide you with a written history of the roof and all the repairs that have been done. This will help you create a plan and budget for the future needs of the roof.

When you actively maintain your home’s roof, it is going to extend the overall efficiency and life expectancy of the surface. Several major repair projects can be caught early on, reducing the cost and extensiveness of the repairs necessary.