Choosing tiles over shingles is becoming an increasingly popular choice. Tiles are aesthetically pleasing and have a lot of advantages. When looking into roofing tiles, you have a big decision to make between concrete and clay tiles. Is concrete better? What are the benefits and is it worth it? You’re about to find out, here’s everything you need to know about concrete tiles and whether they’re worth the investment!

Introduction to Concrete Tiles

Concrete tile is made from a mixture of sand, water, and cement. It comes in a variety of appearances:

  • Flat Profile – exhibits no curvature.
  • Low Profile – exhibits slight curves.
  • High Profile – features significant curves with a rise to width ratio in excess of 1:5.

You can find concrete tiles that mimic clay tiles in appearance and can feature surfaces that are smooth or textured while the edges can be jagged or uniform. They are strong and highly water-resistant, making them a preferable choice for roofing material in the Kansas City area.

Concrete Vs. Clay

If you guessed that concrete is a better option than clay, you’d be right! Concrete beats clay on almost everything including price. The price of clay tiles is considerably higher than what you’d pay for concrete tiles.

Compared to clay tile, concrete tile is much stronger and more resistant to other elements. Concrete tiles are constructed with specially designed water locks that make them highly water-resistant. Coupled with the superior strength of concrete, these tiles hold up well when battered by hailstorms that are fairly common to Kansas City.

Concrete tiles also offer certain advantages over asphalt shingles, especially in terms of aesthetics. Shingles are usually limited to dark drab colors whereas concrete tiles come in a wide variety of colors in different shades.

Roofs made with Kansas City concrete tile are stronger, tougher, and will last much longer than roofs constructed from other materials. Your roof will weather storms with much more resilience and require less upkeep.

Making the Switch

If your roof has not been holding up well through hailstorms, you might want to think about having it replaced with concrete tile. If you are planning on living in the same home for a significant timespan then the change is worth it.

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