No one likes hail, and for good reason, it’s one of the nastiest things that Old Man Winter can throw at you. A good hailstorm can cause significant damage to all sorts of things from your car, personal property, even your roof! So how do you tell if you have hail damage on your roof, we’re here to help you find out!

Important Factors in a Hailstorm

When there’s a hailstorm, there are a few crucial factors to consider when weighing the possibility of damage to your roof.

The wind is the first factor as it determines the speed at which the hail would have been traveling. The harder the wind, the faster the hail, which means there will be more damage. The size and density of the hail are also important factors to take into consideration. Hail that is both large and dense, will inflict more damage, especially when traveling at higher speeds when it’s especially windy.

What Does Hail Damage Look Like?

Hail damage looks different on asphalt and composition shingles than it does on wood shingles. Regardless of what kind of shingles you have, the hail hits won’t be in a pattern, it will be random.

On asphalt and composition shingles, you may notice shiny patches that are black in color where the roof has been struck by hail. Also, look for soft spots that feel like bruised fruit, that’s hail damage.

On wood shingles, the hail hits will be brown or orange in color. Wood shingles that have been damaged by hail may have sharp split edges or edges with little deterioration on the edges. Look for dents or marks from impact.

It’s also important to know what hail damage does not look like so you don’t end up trying to fix the wrong problem. If your roof is looking brittle and aged, it’s unlikely that it was caused by hail as opposed to inclement weather.

How to Handle Hail Damage?

When checking for damage, try to take a look as soon as you can after the storm. Checking it right away will help you identify it as hail damage more accurately. As soon as you have determined that the damage to your roof was caused by hail you have two calls to make. You’ll need to call a contractor and your insurance company if you have the appropriate coverage.

The most important thing to remember is not to attempt any of the repairs yourself, especially if you’re filing an insurance claim. The smart thing to do is get in touch with a reliable contractor for your roof repair.

Pyramid Roofing can come in to assess the damage and schedule a date to have it fixed. When you work with us, the weight is taken off of your shoulders. We will make all of the necessary repairs to have your roof looking as good as new. Hail damage can be a bummer, but the we can make short work of it and take care of it all for you. Contact us today!