Every homeowner should know about plywood decking and how it affects their roof. Underneath all the shingles and underlayment has a layer of plywood decking. That layer is the last line of defense between the inside of your home and the outside world. Eventually, the underlying plywood decking may need to be replaced, here’s what you should know about it.

What to Know About Plywood Decking

Aside from shingles and underlayment, plywood decking is one of the most important components in your roof. The plywood decking is integral in keeping your home free of unwanted water and mold.

If the plywood has gotten wet, it can have a disastrous effect on the rest of your roof, especially the shingles. Although it can happen after the shingles and underlayment fail, many times it’s because the builder applied them while it was wet. For example, if it had been raining shortly before the builder installed the underlayment and the shingles, the plywood underneath will have gotten wet which would cause all sorts of problems. Most commonly, homeowners notice a line of shingles that aren’t as flat as the others. Before attempting other repairs, have the plywood checked out.

When your plywood decking is rotting, you have a big problem and you’ll need a contractor to fix it for you. One of the biggest warning signs would be a water spot on your ceiling. If the spot gets bigger you’ll have to check it out and head up to the attic for more clues. When it comes to rotting plywood decking, the clues aren’t too subtle. If the decking is rotting you should detect the undesirable scent of mold in your attic.

Rotting roof decking is a problem that only gets worse over time, there’s no ignoring it. The faster you catch it, the less expensive it’ll be to have it remedied.

Have it Fixed Right Away

Mold is bad news no matter how you cut it. Once you’ve discovered that your roof decking is rotting, you need to get in touch with a contractor and have it replaced as soon as possible. Waiting only makes it worse, get on the phone and get something lined up.

Replacing the decking yourself is not recommended. It’s a lot of work with a lot of room for error and you’d be exposing yourself to mold which can be ruinous to your health.

Don’t Just Call a Roofer, Call Pyramid Roofing

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