When you hire a professional roofing contractor for a roof repair, knowing what to expect can be extremely beneficial. Not only can you be certain that the work is done properly, you will also know if the charges from the company are just. The following information will help you know what to expect when you are having professional roofing repairs completed.

Cleaning the Surface

The first step in any roof repair is to clean the area to be worked on. There are some situations where this will simply involve a pressure washer to effectively remove any growths, debris or moss that has found a perch on your roof. If there are areas of broken shingles or torn and waterlogged pieces, then a clam hammer may have to be used to remove the offending materials. This will also be beneficial if you have to remove any dripping or broken areas of plywood that are nailed to the joists of the roof.

Depending on the nature of the roof repairs, the roofing contractor may also have to remove the gutters. These steps ensure that the contractors have a clean work surface, free from any materials that may hinder the process so that the repairs can begin.

Repairing the Surface

When the roofing contractor begins the repairs on your roof, they will first replace the damaged areas of plywood. They will use roofer’s nails in order to connect this new material to the roof joists and waterproof tar-based caulking will be used to seal all of the seams. The Number 15 felt sheeting will then be placed over the plywood, and cut to the proper size. It should then be both stapled and glued in the proper place. The staples that have been placed will then be covered with additional caulking in order to ensure that any holes that are created are completely water tight.

If there is no flashing present, or if it has been damaged, it will then be installed. The flashing is the aluminum strips that are nailed in place on each side of your roof. They serve as a barrier to any water that may wind up seeping through the eaves.

The last step of the roof repair process is for the roofing company to lay the sheets of shingles. This can be over the entire surface, or simply in damaged areas on the roof.

Finishing the Job

Once the actual repair work is complete, the gutters will be replaced and the roof will be sprayed with a unique type of sealant. When this dries completely, it offers another protective layer from rain and other weather conditions. It is important for you to find a roofing company that offers this service, as it offers additional security that your roof will have superior longevity.

The Bottom Line

The fact is that your roof is the single most protective element of your entire home. Investing in repairs with a reputable roofing company is essential to ensure it maintains is durability and resistance to damage.