There is no question that fall is here. The colorful leaves have begun to fall, football season is in
full swing, and pumpkins are seen on the porches of homes all across Kansas City. Chances
are you have a few, fun fall festivities planned for you and your family. However, this is also the
perfect time to spend some time ensuring your roof is ready for the cold temperatures that are
on their way.

The good news is, fall maintenance for your roof is pretty painless, and in most cases
homeowners can do it without the help of the pros. However, if an issue or problem is
discovered, it is best to call for repairs before the rain and snow starts since it will be harder to
repair at this point.

Check the Gutters

When the leaves start to fall, your gutters can become clogged pretty quickly. This can result in
significant damage to your siding, roof, and – believe it or not – even your home’s foundation. It
is a good idea to check your gutters and clean them on a regular basis. There are even gutter
accessories you can install to help keep the leaves out throughout the year.

Trim Nearby Trees

Before the temperatures drop, it is a good idea to trim back any overhanging tree branches that
may break or damage the roof during a winter storm. Weather can be quite unpredictable in Missouri and
Kansas and in some cases, winter weather comes in sooner than expected. Take the time now
to trim trees close to your house before it gets too cold.

Watch for Indications of a Leak

Rain usually accompanies changes in the weather. This creates the ideal opportunity for you to
watch for leaks in your roof. Make sure you carefully check for any water spots during a storm,
and if you see one, make a point to climb up into the attic to see if there are leaks up there, as

Schedule a Professional Inspection for Your Roof

There is no question that winter weather is often severe. These extreme conditions and
temperatures can cause serious issues for warped flashing and shingles, so it is a good idea to
ensure your roof is in top-notch condition before ice and snow hits. A quality, well-cared for roof
is essential for energy efficiency. Calling in the professionals for a fall roof inspection can give
you peace of mind that there are no serious issues present. If a problem is seen, they can
quickly and easily provide the necessary repairs.
Calling for fall maintenance for your roof can help ensure no serious issues arise during the
colder months of the year. In the long run, this can help you save quite a bit of money.