With the “Go Green” campaign raging in different spheres, the world seems to be at the onset of a green revolution. To add an environmental benefit to your aesthetic lifestyle, the latest focus seems to be green roofing.

A green roof or a living roof is built by vegetation on a partial or complete basis. It provides numerous economical and energy efficient advantages by soaking up rainwater, improving air quality, optimizing cooling and heating intensity, and much more. The fundamental components of green roof construction incorporate a drainage system, a waterproof barrier, vegetation, and a growing medium.

Pyramid Roofing has installed this green styled roof in and around Kansas City for almost two decades. Their green roofing employs both extensive and intensive green roofs, which have been designed specifically for residential and commercial roofing install purposes respectively. In addition to these, Pyramid also caters to thorough maintenance and repairing routines via various follow-up inspections. So if you need any type of commercial roofing repair or commercial roofing service, you can contact us. Furthermore, our green roof maintenance plans come with extended warranties.

To make sure that most of the houses in Kansas City benefit from the green advantage, Pyramid Roofing provides green roof services for existing buildings too. No matter if your roof is flat or domed, or your roof pitch varies from the standards, you can still have a green facility through Pyramid Roofing. It’s finally time to breathe some clean air.