Serious damage to your roof is often caused by a situation of constant neglect by homeowners, or due to serious weather conditions. However, it’s going to take quite a bit of time before gaping holes form in the roof. However, without regular maintenance to the roof, the likelihood of this type of issue occurring is extremely high.

Also, there are many homeowners who try to take on projects or “make repairs” that actually cause more damage than issues than what was there initially. Here, you can learn four mistakes to avoid to keep your roof happy and intact.

Don’t Allow Mildew and Mold to Grow on the Roof’s Surface

The wet season brings about the rampant spread of mildew and mold. In some situations, homeowners don’t fully understand the potential hazards that these small, yet damaging, microorganisms present.

In addition to being unsightly, algae and mold can actually compromise the integrity of the roof and lead to serious damage. To help prevent damage or discoloration to a roof, it’s a good idea to hire a roofing professional. They can remove any and all traces of microbes and provide help regarding proper maintenance.

Avoid Walking on Your Roof – For Any Reason

In addition to the risk that you will fall, there are quite a few other things that may go wrong. Every time you step on your asphalt shingles, you risk making them loose and causing leaks. If there are circumstances that make it necessary for you to walk on your roof, the best thing you can do is hire the professionals. They will ensure that no damage occurs.

Don’t Attempt to Patch Leaks

A roofing expert will be equipped to handle cases of leaks, because they conduct a complete inspection to figure out the causes of the leaks before they attempt to patch them up. Remember, the appearance of a single leak likely means that other parts of the roof are also more susceptible to damage, and leaking. When you try to climb on your roof, you risk causing serious damage to an area that is already compromised and weak. This can also lead to injuries and accidents. A better option is to contact a professional for help.

Don’t Try to Pressure Wash Your Roof

While it is smart to remove any debris and dirt accumulated on your roof, the issue with pressure washing the surface is that most homeowner will overuse the chemicals. This can lead to premature aging. Also, the highly pressurized water can do much more damage than good to your roof, especially in cases where the person using the pressure washer has no prior experience with it.

If you want to avoid serious issues with your home’s roof and ensure it remains healthy and happy, you should avoid doing the things listed here and let the professionals handle this, instead. Doing so will help ensure that you get the clean, functional roof you want and need.