If you’ve never replaced a roof before, or needed residential roof repair in KC, you may be wondering how you know when the shingles need to be replaced. They may look a bit damaged, but how do you know what normal wear and tear is, and when it’s time for a roof replacement in Kansas City? By looking for these tell-tale signs that are always indicative of a roof in need of repair:


When shingles start to break away from the roof they often begin to curl. When this happens high winds can easily rip them off, and ice can also build up on and under them, causing further damage to the roof itself.

Missing Granules

You’ve no doubt felt roof shingles and noticed they have a rough, sandpaper type of texture. This texture will fade over time as water and heat will wear them down. When those granules are completely missing however, or there are actual bare spots on the shingles, they need to be replaced.

Missing Shingles

If any shingle is missing at any time, it needs to be replaced right away. Otherwise, that portion of the roof is just an entryway for water.

While there are other signs to tell you that you need a roof repair in KC metro, these are the biggest indicators that you need to repair your shingles. If you notice any of them on your own roof, or any other signs of damage, call us at Pyramid Roofing to help you repair it!