The winter thaw is on and behind it, it leaves a great deal of dirt, debris and damage around your home. While many homeowners walk out of their homes this time of year and look straight ahead at what’s collected on their lawn over the past few months, they should also be looking up. Winter’s snow, hail, sleet, and ice can cause a great deal of damage to residential roofs, and that’s why a residential roof inspection in Missouri and Kansas is so important in the spring.

Roof inspections should be done at least once a year, and the spring is a great time. A professional roofer in Grandview, MO will be able to give your roof a thorough inspection and look for signs of damage. These may include cracked caulking or sealants; membrane damage; structural issues as a result from the roof holding heavy snow all winter long; underlying insulation problems due to water saturation; loose flashing; and a buildup of debris in eaves troughs and gutters. An inspection will unveil all of these problems early, and could prevent the need for a new roof, or even extensive repairs.

When you’re doing your spring cleaning this year and want to include an inspection of your roof as part of it, give us a call at Pyramid Roofing. We’ll do a thorough examination of your roof, and make recommendations of how you can extend its life, or prevent problems from cropping up.