The high price of repairing your roof can seem like a great reason for you to attempt a DIY. It isn’t. There are just too many things that can go wrong. Your roof is not the lawnmower.

You should always hire a professional, even for the cleaning and annual inspection. Here are a few good reasons why you shouldn’t DIY when it comes to your roof.

Why You Should Hire a Professional for Your Roof

Honestly, you only need one good reason. Here are six of them.

Cost You Extra

You think you are going to save the money you would pay the roofer but you are likely going to end up costing more. First, you will buy the supplies you need.

You may not have the right materials or tools. You could spend money on things you don’t need or don’t use correctly.

Next, you attempt to fix the roof. You make a huge mess of it, cause more damage and then have to hire the professional to come in and fix the roof and your mess. Awkward.

You Could Get Hurt

If you don’t know what you are doing, and let’s just go ahead and assume that you don’t, you could fall off the roof, through the roof, off the ladder, or injure yourself with the tools.

Void Warranty

When your roof was put on, there was a warranty. That warranty will likely state that they, or a professional, are the only ones to get up there and fix or repair the damages.

By trying to do it yourself, you can make a mess, cause more damage or just do a horrible job. Trying to get your contractor back to fix the mess will likely cost you money and voided the warranty.

Loss of Home Owner’s Insurance

If you have big problems with your roof and fix them yourself and then try to claim them on your home owner’s insurance, you can be in bigger trouble than you may have imagined.

They can take the insurance and make sure you don’t get insurance anywhere else, either. It can compromise the home and that is something the insurance company will not provide insurance for.

Miss Bigger Problems

You might be able to fix the small hole or replace a few loose or broken shingles, but there could be a lot of other damage you don’t see. There could be more holes, moldy or damaged beams or shingles, animal damage, or hidden damage from a recent storm.

Hiring a professional means the roof will get the attention it needs. They can inspect the whole roof if they come out to fix a smaller problem and take care of all of them at once.

It Will Look Like You Fixed It

Imagine pulling into your driveway every single day and having to see that eyesore of a patch job you attempted. Your neighbors are seeing it, too.

Fix it Once

You seriously don’t want to DIY when it comes to your roof. Call the company who installed it or someone else who knows what they are doing. You should have an ongoing relationship with your contractor long after the roof in place.

They will know what to do, be familiar with you and your situation, and have your warranty on file.

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