A new roof is a huge investment. In most cases, it is something that a homeowner will only ever do once or even twice during their life. This means you probably want to ensure you get it right. The most difficult part of this is finding the right roofer for the job. Even if you already have the color and materials picked out, you still have to find a roofer who is going to give you an honest estimate and who will be able to provide you with a quality roof that will last for several decades.

If you are currently in the process of finding a quality roofer for a quote or estimate, be sure to ask the questions here during the interview process to ensure you find the right person for the job.

Who will be Present Working on Your Roof?

Based on the size of the company, it won’t always be possible for the owner of the roofing company to be on the job every day. With this in mind, any reputable roofer is going to appoint a project manager or even a contact person to be in charge at your property. This means that will be your “go-to” person while your roof is being repaired or replaced.

Does the Roofer Offer a Warranty?

The majority of roofing materials will have a minimum warranty of approximately 25 years. While the warranty may differ from one company to another based on the materials you choose and the roofer, the minimum warranty to get is 25 years. There are some roofers that will provide an additional limited warranty on their labor. You should not go with a roofer that offers less than a 25-year warranty on the materials that are used.

Can the Roofer Provide References?

A quality roofer is going to handle quite a few projects each summer. Any good one won’t mind if you take a look at one of their ongoing projects to see what their process looks like. If you want to have a new roof installed during the off-season, or if they don’t have any projects going on right now, they should be willing to provide you with a list of homeowner references. Be sure to call these individuals. If the roofer can’t or won’t provide you with this list, then it may be a sign you need to hire someone else.

Are They Going to Remove the Old Roof?

You should hire a roofer to remove your old roof. After all, in most cases, this has to be done before the new one can be installed. If the roofer doesn’t mention this when giving you an estimate, be sure to ask.

When you ask the right questions, you will be able to find the right roofer for your home’s needs. The questions here will help you get started; however, don’t forget to think of some of your own, too.