If you have ever noticed black, brown, or green streaks on your home’s roof in Kansas City, it may be the result of algae or moss growth. While this may seem harmless, these types of growths need to be removed quickly to prevent any future damage to your shingles.

If you don’t understand the dangers of algae and moss on your roof, keep reading. You can learn about what it can do and why it’s best to have it removed here.

How Does Roof Algae and Moss Occur?

Algae and moss both love damp conditions. That’s why these substances are usually found in places such as on trees, in ponds, under stones, between pavers, and even on your home’s roof. Since these substances love the damp conditions, any shaded area of your roof may be susceptible to the growth of algae or moss. When there’s shade, it’s easy for the roof to hang on to moisture, which encourages this growth. After the algae and moss begin to grow, the spores are spread by the wind, which means it can spread to other parts of your roof, or even to a neighbor’s roof.

The Effects of Algae and Moss on Your Roof

If you have a roofing shingle that’s covered by algae or moss, it means it is constantly exposed to moisture. Over time, this constant exposure can cause the shingle to lose its strength and rigidity. While this may take a while, as time passes the growths may compromise the overall integrity of the shingles and force you to replace them prematurely.

Steps to Prevent Algae and Moss

There are several things you can do to prevent the growth of algae and moss. If there are trees near your house that shade parts of the roof, have them trimmed. By removing overhanging branches, more sunlight can reach the surface. Also, make sure your gutters covers remain clean so that they promote the drainage of water from the roof.

Cleaning Your Roof

There’s no question that algae and moss growth on your roof can be unsightly. If you find this on the surface of your roof, don’t let it fester. If this happens, it’s best to look into cleaning the surface. Usually this is going to require the help of Kansas City power washing professionals, as they can clean this growth off the surface of your roof without causing any other damage.

Don’t ignore moss or algae growth on the surface of your roof. As time passes, the problem is going to get worse and cause even more problems. By calling for professional help as soon as the issue is seen, you can minimize the likelihood that the algae or moss will continue to spread.

Professional roofers can also provide you with more tips to prevent the growth of these substances to begin with. Make sure to keep this in mind when dealing with any type of roof issue or damage because the professionals are going to ensure the highest quality results are achieved.

If you think you have an issue with roof algae or moss, get in touch today for a free estimate!