The majority of roofs, especially those that don’t have much tree cover, are exposed to large amounts of sunlight and UV rays. During the hot summer months, this type of exposure can have a number of adverse effects on your roof. To help keep serious roof sun damage issues at bay, it is a good idea to get to know some of the signs of a problem. While sun damage doesn’t always mean you are going to need extensive amounts of repair, it may be necessary to install new shingles or some type of covering to help the roof last and prevent additional issues.

Warped Shingles

You should watch for shingles that appear to curl or slip. While just a few warped shingles won’t make a huge difference in the overall quality of your roof, if there are too many, it can impact the effectiveness of your roof’s covering.

Discoloration on the Roof

The sun has a tendency to bleach the color out of a number of materials – the roof on your home is no exception. Even though this discoloration is not a sign of significant damage, it can be a precursor to decaying and warped shingles.

Shingle Decay

If a shingle becomes warped and it continues to be beat on by the sun, eventually, it is going to begin to decay. When this process first begins, you will notice dents, cracks, missing granules or even entire shingles that are missing. This will only get worse and more pronounced as time passes. Much like warped shingles, having a small number of decayed shingles won’t cause serious issues; however, if there are more than a few, this can lead to a number of additional issues down the road.

Leaks or Water Damage in the Attic

The most serious sign of sun damage on your roof is water leaks or water damage. If this is noticed, you need to call a professional to address the problem right away. In most cases, you will notice this type of problem pretty quickly, before it has a chance to cause a significant amount of damage. The key is to pay attention to the condition of the roof and call for service if anything unusual is noticed.

Taking the time to notice the shingles on your roof and if any damage is present can help ensure you address it before it gets worse. Failure to pay attention may lead to serious damage and the need to have the entire roof replaced down the road.

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