You have put time and effort into researching various designs and weighing the costs. It is finally time to invest in residential roof replacement. One of the first things you need to understand is that during the installation of a new roof, your property is, essentially, turned into a construction site. There are going to be roofers inside and around your home, and quite a bit of noise.

Some tips to help you prepare for all this work are found here. When you know what to expect and how to get ready, roof replacement can be a much less stressful process.

Prepare the Outside

One of the first things you should do is get everything on the outside of your house ready. This includes clearing the work space. You may have to move your outdoor furniture, garbage cans and other obstacles to give workers a safe and clear area to get things done. It also protects your property.

If there is an air conditioning unit outside your home, but close enough to be potentially damaged, then you may want to provide some type of protection from falling debris. One option is to place a sheet of plywood on top. If you do this, be sure you turn off your thermostat inside, and unplug the disconnect switch on the wall next to the unit.

Waste Management Considerations

There is going to be a large amount of debris produced as a roofer removes your old roof and installs the new one. In most cases, your roofer is going to use a dump truck or roll-off dumpster to collect all the debris. Make sure there is a place in your driveway or yard for this waste collection bin. This is going to help reduce labor and prevent the debris from getting scattered everywhere.

Access to the Attic

In some cases, your roofing company is going to need to access your attic. Be sure that the path leading to your attic access door is free from any clutter. Also, show the path to the attic to the project manager, that way they can let workers know. If you have pets (either inside or outside) be sure they can’t get to the work areas for their safety and the safety of the workers.

Fragile Items

The removal and addition of a new roof may result in vibrations. As a result, you should remove any picture frames, mirrors and other fragile items from the walls. If you have a light tunnel or skylight, be sure there’s a clear pat to these areas, and you may want to cover up your furniture.

Installing a new roof is something that every homeowner has to do at some point. To ensure you are ready for this process, use the tips and information here. It will ensure your home is prepared and that the workers can get the job done as quickly as possible, reducing the total disturbance to your day to day activities.