Getting a new roof or upgrading the old one is a big job. Many people don’t often consider the shingle color they want, but it can make a difference. It can change the entire look and feel of your home.

Certain colors or combinations of colors can not only help control the heat that the roof absorbs, but it can make your roof look bigger or smaller. It can stand out or blend in with the surroundings.

Tips for Picking Shingle Color

A new roof is a big investment so keep in mind that you will have to live with your shingle color choice for a long time. So will your neighbors.

Neutral Colors

Neutral colors are often the most popular. They are better for matching the home and the surroundings. Matching the roof with other aspects of the home is also popular.

Muted browns, greys, and blacks are often popular. They tend to work better in colder climates as they absorb the sunlight better, as well. They will match up with window trims, your exterior walls, and the landscaping of your yard.

A completely dark roof can be over-powering and make the roof seem much larger than it is. This is especially true with a single-story home. If your Kansas City siding is dark, as well, the home starts to lose any of its charm or distinction.

However, a light shingled roof on a multi-storied building can make it look unbalanced. If the rest of the house is of a similar color, it will also start to fade and lose any of its special features.

Blended Color

Many people are opting for a blending of the same colors. Browns, greens, reds, and blue shingles are very popular. By blending the shades of shingles, it gives the roof texture, depth, and a bit of pizazz.

You would choose to use blended colors with a home that is a solid, plain color. A brick house that has varying colors with a multi-colored roof would tend to be a bit dizzying.

Plain siding will go well with two-toned shingles. Darker colors tend to blend together but variations of browns and tans will give a great visual effect. You would use multi-colored shingles with plain siding, but not with stone or bricks that are already mixed.

Easy Guide

Always go a shade darker for the roof than the body of the home.

A home with wood siding and trees around would be best suited with a dark green or a brown and green blended roof.

If you have a red brick or clay siding, then a good choice would brown, black, dark grey, or dark green shingles.

For lighter colors like white or cream, you can go for a strong contrast, using black or something more subtle like grey, brown, or green. You can also go for a blend, with greens and greys, for example, but make sure they don’t clash or overpower the rest of the home.

Match the roof shingles with the trim on your house. Or, if your home is a tan or cream color, take the roof one or two shades darker. A lighter brown can give the home depth and a lovely contrast without being garish.

Ask Your Roofer

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