The roof is typically thought of as a utilitarian asset for your home. However, when selected carefully, it also has the potential to add – or take away from – the aesthetic value of the structure. This means that the already complicated decisions you have to make when replacing your roof are even more important than you may have imagined. When selecting a new roof, you should consider the following points to help you select the ideal look to compliment your house.

Consider Your Home’s Style

The style of your home needs to influence the colors you consider for your roof. Traditional homes usually look best with a dark, neutral color, while a home in a French country style may look best with an earthy green or brown. However, for Mediterranean homes, a rusty or dark red is going to be best.

Don’t Try to be Overly “Matchy”

Matching the color of your roof too closely to the color of your exterior walls can create a monotone, boring look. Try to use complementary colors, rather than matching shades.

Find Inspiration in Homes Similar to Yours

When you begin looking at other homes for inspiration for your own roof color, try to find houses that are similar in size and style to yours. This can help you avoid falling in love with a particular roof color that looks great on one home but doesn’t really look right on yours. For example, you may love a photo of a smaller home with a dark, dramatic look; however, if you put the same color on a highly visible, larger roof that has a steep pitch, chances are the home is going to look gloomy and dark.

Consider how the Roof will Change Colors Over Time

There are a number of exterior wall and roofing materials that will change color over time. Prior to selecting your colors, you should ask to see an example of what the siding or roofing will look like in a few years to avoid the rather unpleasant surprise of a home that has two different colors on the roof.

Consider the Lighting

Make sure you view the color being considered in different lighting prior to making your decision. This is a tip that is especially helpful in selecting the ideal color once you have narrowed down the options to just a few.

Think about Resale

If you don’t have plans to try and sell your home in the foreseeable future, then it may not be necessary to consider the home’s resale value much. However, if you are going to sell the home before the roof will have to be replaced, you should choose a classic color that will appeal to potential buyers.

While you may think the most important decision you have to make related to your roof is the material, this is simply not the case. Regardless of the type of roof you decide to install, there will be multiple colors to choose from. Use the tips here to choose the best color for your home and roof.