Regardless of the type of roof you have, or how well you take care of it, no roof is going to last forever. When your shingle roof begins to leak, you have two basic options:

  • Ignore it
  • Fix it

While you may be tempted to ignore the problem and hope it goes away alone, a better course of action is to have it fixed. Another mistake you may make is waiting to have it repaired until the leak gets bigger and causes even more problems.

However, attempting to bundle your repairs is rarely going to help you save any money, as waiting to make one repair is just going to make it more expensive in the long run.

If you opt to wait, then several things may happen. Keep reading to learn what these things are.

Additional Expenses

Leaks in a shingle roof aren’t just going to magically fix themselves. If water is left in place, it can damage all sorts of roofing components, with a small leak eventually soaking into your ceiling deck, your insulation, and more. The longer that the water sits and penetrates those areas, the more damage it is going to do, and the costlier the repairs are going to become.

The Likelihood of Mold and Mildew Development Increases

If there is a small leak, it may not seem like too big of a deal if you aren’t worried about water stains. However, water does much more than just soak through things. When there is water, there is a big chance of mold growth. If water gets into your insulation, ceiling, and walls, and it festers there, it’s the perfect environment for mold growth. This can lead to you having to invest in an expensive clean-up situation and a costly repair bill. Even worse, when mold grows in your home, it can pose a serious risk to your family, as well as your pets.

Reduce Your Roof’s Lifespan

No one wants to be in a situation where they have to replace their roof. In fact, if you are like most homeowners you may try to put it off as long as you can due to the hassle and the expense. As a result, if you can make your roof last longer, you should.

One of the best ways for you to expand your roof’s life, rather than shortening it, is to fix any small leaks you see as quickly as possible. If you ignore a leak – even a small one – it is going to weaken the roof and result in you having to replace it much sooner than you may have to otherwise.

Is there a leak in your roof? Is it small and unassuming? Even if this is the case – don’t ignore it! It’s a good idea to have it fixed now, rather than waiting. It’s a good idea to contact a professional roofing company to handle this before the situation gets worse and more expensive to fix.