There’s no denying any longer that that world is going green. Everyone is looking for ways to be more environmentally-friendly and cut back on their energy use. Today this concept extends to certain areas of the home, including roofs and other structural elements. So, just what is green roofing in Kansas City and Missouri?

Green roofing is a unique kind that places vegetation partially, or entirely, onto a roof. This has been a very popular practice in Europe for a long time, but now both business and home owners are finding out how beneficial it can be in the United States. Having vegetation cover your roof not only gives back to the environment by adding more green space and putting more oxygen into the air, it can also be very practical. Large amounts of vegetation on flat roofs especially can help with drainage problems; and it can also help with cooling costs in the hot summer months.

Of course, green roofs also take an often unused space and turn it into something extremely useful. Rooftop gardens can provide a great resource for commercial kitchens, while landscapers, nurseries, and gardening centers can also make great use of these spaces. And any home or business can benefit from having a simple green space decorating their roof.

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