A fireplace or stove is a great feature for any home. They can provide heat on the cold days of winter and give you and your family that cozy and welcoming feeling. If your home has a fireplace or stove, it likely has a chimney, as well, to exhaust the fumes and smoke. Around the exterior of that chimney should be quality flashing. 

Here, you can learn about the importance of chimney flashing and why high-quality materials are so important.

What is Chimney Flashing?

When home builders construct the chimney, there’s a space present between the structure and the roof. It’s important for this space to be sealed. This is why the builder installs layers of sheet metal around the chimney to help seal it. It’s these layers that are called the flashing.

Why is Flashing Important?

The chimney flashing offers a layer of protection for a home’s roof. It’s your roof that shields you from the snow, wind, sleet, rain, and other elements Mother Nature throws your way. If there is any space present between the chimney and your roof, the elements may make their way inside. With quality flashing seals over this space, debris, wind, and water are kept out.

When Chimney Flashing Repairs are Needed

If the chimney flashing becomes rusted, damaged, old, or if it is missing, it could mean trouble for your home. The flashing may also be damaged if there has been a severe storm come through and impact your home. Improper flashing can result in leaks and cause water damage. If water damage occurs to the roofing structure, the attic, or the interior parts of your home, it is going to compromise their integrity.

If you notice any of these issues, the best thing you can do is contact a professional roofing service for help. The roofer will inspect the flashing present and determine if repairs are possible or if the flashing needs to be replaced.

Benefits Offered by Preventative Maintenance

Just like all the other components of your roof, the flashing needs to be inspected and repaired regularly. If you contact a roofer for regular maintenance, you can feel confident they will inspect this flashing and make repairs when needed. This is going to prevent more serious issues that may occur if this maintenance never occurs. Keep in mind, professional maintenance is also going to let you know if there are any other issues with your roof and ensure they are repaired in a timely manner.

Don’t hire just any roofing service. It’s important to find a quality service provider who is going to be able to provide the inspection and repair or replacement services needed. Over time, making this investment is going to pay off and help ensure your roof can stand up to the elements and that all the components are working properly.