Gutters are an essential part of your home that protects it from rainwater. As you know, Kansas City can get rainy especially in May which is the rainiest month. If you’re living in Kansas City and don’t have any up yet, you need to get some before May comes around! With so many manufacturers, there are a lot to choose from and finding the best option can seem daunting. We’re here to help you make the best decision and find the best gutters for your home.

The Basics

Gutters come in a wide variety of colors and styles, meaning you will have no trouble finding a set that matches the look of your home.

Aesthetics aside, the most important aspect is their quality and functionality.

Most gutters come in widths of between 5 and 6 inches. While there are many variations, they come in one of two types. The first type are K-Style, the second type are Half-Round gutters.

K-Style gutters are flat on the bottom and on their sides. The front side of these come in a variety of shapes and designs.

Half-Round gutters are essentially rounded tubes and are common in older homes.

Compared to Half-Round, K-Style gutters have double the capacity, however, they are more expensive. The increased capacity and wealth of design choices make K-Style the most popular choice.


When it comes to material, you have a lot of options to pick from. They can be made from the following materials:

  • Steel – steel gutters are tough, can be painted and resists rust for 5-10 years.
  • Vinyl – the color on vinyl gutters will fade over time, they crack in the cold and are somewhat delicate. They are, however, very cheap.
  • Aluminum – aluminum gutters come in a variety of colors, doesn’t rust, and is very popular.

Ask a contractor about additional choices in material and get their opinion on which one would be the best for their home.

The Ideal Gutter System

The ideal gutter system is one that matches the style of the home and is built to last. The ideal thickness for a gutter system is 0.32 inches. Gutter systems of this thickness are less susceptible to sagging over time.

Gutters are an essential long term investment in your property. Make the right choice by consulting with a contractor to find the perfect system for your home.

Call Pyramid Roofing

There are plenty of reasons why you shouldn’t try to install your own gutters. First of all, it can be an extremely frustrating process and have you yelling words you never thought you’d hear yourself saying. It can also be potentially dangerous if you’re not sure on your feet as you’ll have to be on a ladder for an extended period of time to install your gutters.

The best option for any homeowner is to call an experienced contractor like Pyramid Roofing to handle the job. We’re trusted by the Kansas City community because we have shown exceptional workmanship and respect towards our customers.

Have a chat with Pyramid Roofing, we have what you need.