Kansas City is a great place to live, but the storms we get can be extremely damaging to your roof. Clay tile roofs can be particularly vulnerable to damage from hailstorms. When your roof has been damaged by a storm, you need to have it repaired as soon as possible. Here’s what you need to know about how tile roofs are repaired.

Tile Roofing

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One of the biggest factors in how a hailstorm will affect a roof depends on whether the roof was constructed with clay tiles or concrete tiles. Between the two, concrete tiles tend to hold up better than clay tiles. If your roof was topped with clay tiles, the damage will probably be more extensive and you will have to replace more of your roof.

If your clay tile roof was heavily damaged by hail, you might want to consider making the switch to concrete tile when you have your roof repaired. Concrete tile can last for a lifetime. The added protection is typically worth the investment, especially for homeowners in Kansas City which is prone to severe hailstorms.

How Are Tile Roofs Repaired?

The biggest problem that homeowners face with tile roofing is cracking. Over the years, you’re bound to see a few cracks here and there on a tile roof. The frequency and severity of hailstorms can make a big difference and inflict significant damage to tile roofing.

Tiles with more significant damage will have to be pulled up and removed. After removing the broken tile, roofing cement is applied to the underside of the new tile which is then pressed down and held in place with an adhesive.

If your roof is leaking, the problem is probably underneath the tile. The underlayment could be at fault or the plywood decking underneath that could be rotting. In any case, you’ll need to call a contractor to have it checked out and resolved.

Put Down That Hammer, Don’t Do it Yourself

When you notice damage to your roof, you might be tempted to climb up there and start channeling your inner handyman. It’s inadvisable to attempt any roof repairs on your own. There are too many mistakes that could be made that would make any repairs even more expensive.

The whole idea of repairing things yourself is based on the premise that it would be less expensive, but in many cases, it’s actually more costly in the long run. Get in touch with a dependable contractor and have your roof repaired professionally.

Pyramid Roofing

Pyramid Roofing is among the most respected leaders in Kansas City for roof construction and repair. We go back to 1992, are certified, and employ inspectors that can assess the condition of any roof with utmost accuracy.

When you call Pyramid Roofing to repair your tile roof, you can be confident in knowing that you’ll have the support of respected professionals.

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