If you have noticed a leak in your home’s roof, you likely know that finding the source isn’t always simple. While you can see the results of the leak inside your home in the form of mildew, mold, discoloration and water flowing through the ceiling, when it comes to finding the underlying issue, you are facing a much bigger challenge.

The question is, what can you do? How do you find this access point and repair it, so no other issues arise?

Locate a Roof Leak with These 3 Steps

Unless it is raining, you aren’t going to have a clear way to locate a problem with your roof. The good news is, there is a way around this. Three things you can do to help you find the source of the roof leak include:

  • Shine a light on it: It is best to look for a leak during the day. Bring a bright, large flashlight with you and climb into the attic. Keep in mind, only the framing timbers will be strong enough to support you so don’t step on any drywall or insulation.
  • Work backward: You can see the water in the house, so you know it’s final spot. You can use that as a starting point and then work your way backward. Most of the time, the leak isn’t going to be right where it is wet. Try to see where water has traveled down the sheeting and rafters until it finds a place to drip. You can search for signs of moisture caused discoloration and use this to find the source, too.
  • Add water: If you are unable to find the origin of your leak visually, wait for everything to dry. After the weather is clear, ask someone to help you perform a water test. This is when you will send your help to the top of the roof with your hose and you go into the attic to see where the water is coming in. After finding the hole, make sure to mark it in some way so you don’t lose it.

When are Experts Needed for Repairs?

The complexity and size of the issue is going to depend on several factors. The age of your roof, location of the leak and composition of the roof are going to help you determine if you can fix the problem on your own, or if you need to call in the professionals. Some of the times it is best to leave it to the experts include:

  • If you have a steep roof
  • If you have a house that is more than two stories
  • If your roof is disintegrating and old
  • If you don’t have the needed tools
  • If you have never repaired a roof before

The experts can not only find the source of a leak, but also provide the necessary repairs in a timely and efficient manner. In many cases, it makes sense to call on these services from the very beginning.