Selecting the right residential roofing options for your budget and plans is essential to make sure you get the most value for the investment you have made. While quality roofing materials make a difference in your home’s overall curb appeal, it also impacts factors such as the home’s resale value, basic home protection and your cooling and heating costs.

As a result, when it is time to choose a roofing material for your home’s new roof, you should consider all the options, rather than just choosing the one you know the most about. Learn about popular residential roofing materials here to ensure you can make an informed decision regarding what’s right for your home.

Rolled Roofing

This type of roofing material is sold in long, horizontal sheets. It is the most affordable option, least attractive and least durable option for covering your home. Event though it is available in virtually any home goods store, it isn’t a very popular or common option for a home’s roof. It is a better option for your outbuildings and will last for about five to eight years.

Asphalt Roofing

This is, by far, one of the most popular roofing materials used today. Asphalt shingles are extremely durable, while still being affordable, which is why they are seen used on so many homes around the country. Additionally, you can find these shingles in various colors, which makes it possible to match any home. When installed properly, this type of shingle can last for 20 to 50 years, depending on factors such as the style and manufacturer.

Metal Roofing

Another type of roofing that is becoming more and more popular is metal roofing. This roofing material is available in long, corrugated sheets, or as metal tiles. The price you will pay for this roofing is dependent on the style you choose. When this roofing material is installed properly, it can last up to 40 years, or more. If galvanized steel is used, then the roof will likely last 60 years or more.

Cedar Shakes

If you want an upscale option regarding durability and looks, you can choose cedar shakes. However, remember, this is going to come at a price. Right now, this roofing material runs at approximately $9 per square foot. Also, you have to invest in regular maintenance to prevent issues with mildew and bugs.

Slate Tile

While this is the most expensive roofing material available, it is also the most durable. With this material, you will have slabs of rock set on your roof, and you will need a professional to install it properly. While the cost is higher than other materials, it will also last longer. In fact, slate tile roofs can last a century or more.

If you are ready to install a new roof on your home, make sure to consider all the material options listed here. You can also speak with a professional roofer to help you make a decision based on your budget and what’s right for your home.