Typically, homeowners get their roofs replaced in the warmer months, anywhere from May to October. You can get your roof replaced in the winter, however, there may be some stumbling blocks during the installment, and up to months after when the snow and ice begin to melt.

Can You Replace Your Roof in the Winter Months?

Some roofing companies will still replace your roof in the winter if there is a lot of damage to your roof caused by weather or trees falling. You’ll want a damaged roof replaced right away, or you’ll be sitting with it until spring or even the summer, and that can cause even more problems for you.

One upside of having the roof replaced in the winter, is that you’ll be first in line. Most contractors are booked solid every spring and summer. Due to working around a stretch of weather that will allow, they’ll be able to give your roof the time and attention it deserves

How Cold is Too Cold?

Roofing materials like to be at a balming 70-80 degrees fahrenheit to work properly. Anything colder than 40 degrees fahrenheit, the adhesive won’t stick as well. Nail guns and compressors used to attach shingles can get iced up, and there won’t be enough airflow to ensure the equipment is working properly in below freezing temperatures. These colder temperatures happen usually between late October lasting until March, sometimes longer.

Why You Should Replace Your Roof in the Warmer Months

Adhesives used to bind the asphalt shingles to the roof are usually activated by the sun, and atmospheric temperature. Working in cold, damp, and on cloudy days, the adhesive won’t work properly. Roofers will try to persuade you to replace your roof in the warmer months based mostly on that.

Why You Should Hire a Reputable Roofer to Replace Your Roof

You should leave the roof replacement to the professionals. The best Kansas City roofers likely know more than you do about replacing it, and how to get the job done right without any mistakes.

Working on a roof in the Winter isn’t impossible, but it can be dangerous which is another reason why you should hire it out. Experienced contractors like the pros at Pyramid Roofing are accustomed to working on rooftops in the Winter, most homeowners are not.

Protect Your Home From the Elements with a Top-Notch Roof From Pyramid Roofing

At Pyramid Roofing, we are here to help you care for your roof through all seasons. Call us to get an appointment for a quote on your home. If you do need your roof replaced in the winter, we can give you a quote, and try to get you scheduled in, weather permitting of course.

No matter the season or the reason, when you need a new roof, you need Pyramid Roofing, and give us a call today or visit our website!