Here in Kansas City, our summer has been full of weather that can be considered extreme, even for the Midwest. We have had record breaking rainfall resulting in flash floods, staggered with high temperatures and uncomfortable humidity. Did you know that seasons of extreme heat and rain can have a damaging effect on your roof?

Problem: Roof Damage Caused by Heat

Consistently high temperatures can cause damage to your roof. If you have southern or western exposure to the sun, your home may be more susceptible to heat related damage because your roof is exposed to the sun for long periods of time during the hottest parts of the day. Examples of damage caused by heat include cracks or curling of shingles and weak spots and deterioration of the roof deck.

Solution: If your home is located in an area that experiences long periods of extreme heat, a roof coating should be used on your roof. Roof coating acts as sunblock for your roof and will prevent heat related damage to your roof. Additionally, have your roof inspected for heat related damage once or twice a year to ensure you catch weak spots before they become larger, more costly problems.

Problem: Roof Damage Caused by Humidity

Humidity is an uncomfortable reality of living in the Midwest. Humidity is the moisture present in the air outdoors or inside your home. Humidity is not only to blame for the muggy, sticky feeling in the air during the hottest days of summer, it can also cause damage to your home. If the temperature of your roof is cooler than the surrounding air, condensation can occur on your roof. This excess moisture can cause water damage weaken and your roof over time, which creates leaks.

Solution: Experienced roofing technicians understand what it takes to guarantee a roof can withstand humid weather. Because of this, they can use quality, waterproof materials when installing or repairing the roof on your home.

Problem: Roof Damage Caused by Rain

Most roofs are built to withstand heavy rainfall and storms. However, extreme weather and age can make a roof more susceptible to water damage over time. If weak spots or cracks in shingles are already present on the roof of your home, rain water can gather in those spots causing leaks, according to Angie’s List.

Solution: Having a waterproof layer installed on your roof can protect your home from water damage, according to well-known DIY and home repair personality Bob Vila. Regularly inspect your home for weak spots or damage on the surface of your home. Have damaged shingles or deterioration shingles on  your roof repaired immediately to prevent a large leak which could cause a huge amount of damage both on your roof and inside your home. After extreme weather or heavy rainfall, check your attic for signs of water damage or leaking.

Prevention and Regular Maintenance Are the Key to Protecting Your Roof From Damage

If a new roof is installed by an experienced and professional contractor, it will be built with materials made to withstand the extreme weather we experience here in Kansas City. However, when the area you live in is subject to severe thunderstorms, heavy winds, rainfall, extreme humidity and high temperatures, these environmental factors will take their toll over time.

Because of this, we suggest you regularly perform self-inspections of your roof to keep a close eye out for signs of weather related damage. Additionally, if you have specific concerns about your roof, contact Pyramid Roofing Company by calling (816) 966-1101 or click here to schedule an inspection with one of our experienced roofing technicians.

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