Here in Kansas City, we expect to experience extreme temperature changes, severe storms accompanied by strong winds and hail, and ice storms every year. As it turns out, these are among the most common factors which can result in damage of the roof of your home. The changing seasons bring drastic weather changes. Because of this, homeowners must regularly be on the lookout for roof damage throughout the year.

Busy schedules and full to-do lists may get in the way of keeping a close eye on the state of your roof, but putting it off can only cost you more money further down the road. Spotting small repairs and addressing them immediately plays a huge role in avoiding large repairs or a complete roof replacement. Many homeowners, especially first-time owners, may feel unsure of what they are looking for as they watch for roof damage. Our experienced technicians at Pyramid Roofing Company have made it easy for you by putting together your go-to guide for spotting roof damage on your home.

Start Indoors

We suggest homeowner’s begin by looking for signs inside of their home which may point to roof damage. Taking a flashlight along with you, perform a quick inspection in the attic of your home. As you look around keep your eyes peeled for a dip or sinking in the roof, water stains, leaking, a moist or damp smell which indicates water damage, or light shining in from outdoors.

Move Outside

After you have checked for obvious signs of roof damage indoors, it is time to head outside. Some more obvious damages to your roof can be spotted from the ground. However, in order to perform the most thorough roof inspection, you should use a ladder and spend some time on your roof looking for less obvious signs.

As you inspect your roof, keep close watch for the following tell-tale signs of roof damage:

  1. With a quick look-over of your roof, missing or damaged shingles will likely be the first signs of damage to catch your eye.
  2. Inspect the surface of your roof for obvious damage or the presence of loose objects.
  3. Check your rain gutters for the presence of excess shingle granules as they are one of the first signs of wear.
  4. Clean any debris from gutters and ensure they are properly attached so they can drain excess water from the roof of your home.
  5. Keep an eye out for mold or excess moisture, which can be an especially prevalent problem during our humid summers in Kansas City.

How often should I inspect my roof?

Now that you understand the basics of inspecting the roof of your home, you may be wondering how often you should be checking for damage. Here at Pyramid Roofing Company we abide by two general rules concerning the frequency of roof inspections. First, as a minimum guideline, you should be checking inside and outside of your home twice a year for roof damage. Secondly, additional roof inspections should follow extreme weather, especially if you notice debris from wind or damage from an ice storm in your area.

Maintaining your roof is an important part of providing a safe and comfortable home for yourself and your loved ones. By performing regular inspections, you can catch problems in your roof before they cause more significant damage or lead to a necessary roof repair. If you are concerned about signs of roof damage on your home, call 888.917.ROOF or click here to contact one of our experienced and professional roof technicians.