Green roofs are one of the biggest trends in residential roofing in Kansas City. The fact that homeowners can now choose between different types of green roofs helps increase their popularity.

The term “green roof” typically refers to a roof that is partially or fully covered by some kind of vegetation. This vegetation is typically planted directly on a waterproof membrane that will help seal the roof and keep out water and other elements. The vegetation on the other hand, will help to absorb rainwater and provide insulation that will keep the home cool on hot days and warm during cold ones. Everything from hay to moss to climbing vines with blooms and blossoms could be considered when creating your green roofing system.

Other types of green roofs don’t include any type of vegetation whatsoever but instead, focus on utilizing energy to its fullest and reducing the amount of energy that consumed. These types of roofs may have solar panels placed along them to help create energy that can be used by the home inside. Another option for a green roof is a cool roof that is covered in a reflective surface to help prevent the roof from absorbing too much light and heat.

If you need a new roof on your home and would like to update it in a way that will benefit your whole home, utility bills, and the environment, speak to a green roofing specialist about which type of green roof would be most suitable for you.