If it’s time to get a roof replacement for your home in Kansas City, you definitely want to get one that will last potentially for the lifetime of your home. A new roof after all is a huge investment and one that you might not want to make again anytime soon. Because of that, making sure you have a great warranty on your new roof is one way to protect yourself. But what kind of warranty can you expect?

The warranty on a residential roof shingle is typically about 30 – 50 years, but that warranty doesn’t cover everything that could possibly go wrong with your roof and generally will only cover 100% of the material cost for the first few years before depreciation begins. This is why it’s important to make sure you know what kind of warranty you’re getting and what’s covered under different time periods.

Roofing specialists in Kansas City will typically offer a warranty of approximately two years for the labor done on your home. Should this time frame pass and something go wrong with your new roof, typically materials will still be covered under warranty by the manufacturer, but labor will no longer be covered by the contractor. However, Pyramid Roofing covers faulty workmanship for the LIFE OF THE SHINGLE.

Aside from separating labor costs from material replacement costs, warranties can also fall under a wide range of options including system warranties, which will cover the entire roof and all its components. Comprehensive warranties go above and beyond what’s covered in a typical warranty.

Before purchasing your new roof, it’s extremely important that you understand what kind of warranty you’re getting and how it will protect you in the future should something go wrong. You will be very happy in a few years that you took the time to choose one that was right for you.