Do you know if it is time to replace or repair your roof? This can be difficult to determine, especially for those who have no prior roofing experience. The good news is, with the help of roofing professionals, along with the signs here, anyone can determine if it is time to call for roof repair or replacement.

Some of the most obvious signs it is time to have a new roof installed can be found here. Knowing what these are will help you know it is time to make this investment.

The Age of the Roof

Do you know how old your existing roof is? Most professional roofers will agree that a traditional, asphalt roof will last for a period of 20 to 25 years. However, the longevity of the roof will also be based on the layers of shingles that are present and if the roof has been ventilated properly. If you have a roof installed over several other layers of shingles and it is more than 20 years old, then it is almost certain a new roof is necessary.

Take some time to have an inspection completed to determine if it is in proper working order. This is the best way to see how much life is left in the existing roof, as well.

Buckling and Curling Shingles

Shingles that have started to buckle or curl are another sign that a new roof may be necessary. Take a look at the slopes of your home that receive direct sun and if the shingles have begun to lose granules or appear curled. If these issues are present, it may mean they are past their useful life. It may also mean the roof is defective in some way. Calling professional roofing services will help determine the course of action you should take.

Valleys of the Roof

If the shingles on your roof have begun to fall apart or are missing completely in the valleys, it is a sure sign that a new roof is needed. Valleys are considered one of the most crucial parts of the entire roof. Rain and snow flow through these valleys into the gutters and if it is compromised, you may begin to see roof leaks. This is a preventable problem, but repair will have to be sought in a timely manner.

Chimney Flashing

This is another issue that is an area of concern. If the flashing consists of tar or roof cement, it may have to be replaced with water-tight fittings, which would be a metal flashing component. Professionals can let you know if this is necessary. Roofing issues should not be ignored. They will only become worse as time passes, so be sure to address them in a timely manner. Your roof is exposed to quite a bit of wear and tear on a daily basis. Over the years, this can result in serious damage that can be costly to fix if you don’t catch it early on. Knowing the signs of a problem can help you avoid these high costs.