Trees provide so much to our property. They give us shade and privacy, they give us food and flowers and encourage birds to set up their home. But, they can also be a nuisance. They make a mess of our yard, the roof, and clog up our gutters. Trees can also do a lot of damage to your roof. Branched can break off which will break or remove shingles or tiles. In strong winds, they can rip up the shingles which lead to leaks.

Keeping Trees from Damaging Your Roof

Regular tree maintenance will keep your trees healthy and keep them from tearing up or messing up your roof.

Trim The Branches

Keep the branches that are close to your roof trimmed back. Ideally, if you can cut them back so they are several feet from the tree, that will keep them from scratching your roof and damaging tiles or shingles.

Trees that have fruit or nuts can drop the fruit on the roof that can break or crack tiles and shingles.

Clean The Roof

Keeping your roof clean from needles, leaves and broken branches will preserve the life of your roof. Keep the gutters or eaves troughs cleaned out, too, so the excess water has somewhere to go.

Remove Dead or Dying Trees

If a tree had been damaged by lightning, rotting or unstable might be better off removed. You don’t want to risk having it fall over and go through your roof, break windows, or really cause some serious damage.

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