Well, the easy answer is, it depends. Whether or not you need to replace your roof after a hail storm all depends on how much damage there is, how severe was the storm, and how old is your roof. If your roof is in good repair, then maybe not.

Unfortunately, the damage from hail may not be apparent right away. It can cause tiles or shingles to break or get knocked loose or knocked off. It can make holes and cracks that moisture gets in and that’s where the real damage starts.

After The Hail

Whether you suspect hail damage after a storm or not, it is a smart move to get your roof inspected. A professional roofer will know what to look for and where there may be potential damage, even if it doesn’t appear to be right now.

You could do it yourself but as the damage may not be apparent, you could miss it. That will end up costing you a lot in the long run. It’s best to have a trained professional do it for you, just to be sure.

Roof Repair

If the damage isn’t too bad, you will likely be able to get the roof repaired, rather than replaced. That is why it is best to have the roof inspected right away.

If you wait too long, the moisture can cause a lot more damage, and then you are looking at more costly repairs or replacement of the roof. The cost will depend on what type of roof you have and if your home owner’s insurance will cover it.

Before The Storm

There are a few preventive measures you can take to minimize the damage from wind, hail, and heavy rain. First of all:

Roof Inspection

Get your roof inspected regularly. The best time to do this is in the spring or fall. Winter can also cause damage to your roof, just as the severe weather of the summer months does. An inspection doesn’t take any time at all and it is the best way to know what condition your roof is in.

Roof Repairs

Get repairs done when they are noticed. If you have an inspection, you will know if there is any damage and you can take care of it right away. It will be far less expensive to do it now, rather than when some real damage sets in.

Getting a few tiles or shingles replaced and any cracks, holes, or breakage fixed will save you a lot of trouble down the road. It’s much easier and less expensive to do spot repairs.

Replacing Your Roof

If the damage is extensive and your roof is older, you may well be better off replacing it. Plus, your insurance premiums may go down after you install a new roof.

A new roof can make the world of difference to your energy bills, the resell value of your home, and life in general. If you already have had several repair, experience leaks, you may want to consider a new roof.

If you think you might need to replace your roof due to hail damage,  contact us at Pyramid Roofing for more information or with any questions you may have. We will have one of our experts come out and give your roof an inspection.